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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dupe: for MAC Shy Girl?

A few days ago, I saw this girl selling a brand new MAC - Shy Girl lipstick on sg_beauty. Its been on my wishlist for quite some time and since the price is reasonable i picked it up. On the day it arrived in my mailbox, i received another package: my item from a drugstore.com spree i joined. Inside was another lipstick which i bought. Super similar! Dupe or not? Let's see =)

Which Lipstick Is it?

Its Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Smooth Nude 350!

I bought it because xteeener on youtube said that it was similar to Revlon's smooth nude but not as drying. And it really is very creamy to wear. I'm sorry there's no lip swatches =( i tried, but its dark and the lighting came out all wrong. so no lip swatches but i WILL try to explain them haha


can you tell which is which? hahaha

LEFT: Revlon Smooth Nude



Revlon vs. MAC

Revlon Smooth Nude:

Price: US$9.99 (on drugstore.com)

Net Weight: 3.2g

My Thoughts:

The revlon is slightly pinkier than the mac. Also, the finishes are different. The revlon gives a rather matte finish whereas the MAC has a sheen.

The revlon is really very creamy. Definitely not comparable to YSL rouge voluptes, but much creamier than most lipsticks i've tried. It glides on really easily and gives a nude matte look. It doesn't feel drying either.

The one thing i don't like about this is the packaging. The clear case is rather cool. BUT the cap. The packaging is such that the tip of the lipstick is still slightly sticking out of the top of the case. So when you're not careful in closing the lid, chances are you may nick the lipstick. Which is what happened to me when i was closing it after photographing. =(

MAC Shy Girl:

Price: US$14.00 (available on nordstrom.com)

Weight: 3g

My Thoughs:

The MAC is definitely much more pigmented than the revlon. It has slightly more orange in it. So when on the lips it appears brighter? than the revlon.

Shy Girl also has tiny glitters in it. And has a sheen after applied. Different from the revlon which is a true matte.

When i first put on this lipstick, i applied a really heavy layer. And it came out looking really 'orange?' and just didn't work with my skin tone. So i tried a different way, of applying just a thin layer, and it came out looking gorgeous. Gorgeous like 'my lip colour but a little paler with nice shimmer/sheen'.


Final Verdict:

MAC Shy Girl.

Just cos the matte finish of smooth nude just doesn't work for me. Matte+nude=makes Kim look sickly. Topping smooth nude with gloss would definitely solve this but most of the time i don't layer lip stuff.

Shy girl has just the right amount of glitter and sheen that after i apply it, it brightens up my face! rem i'm applying just a thin layer, too much of it turns orange for me. Its really a nude lipstick i can just apply without any other makeup but also can wear it to match any look i have.

However, if you look fine with matte+nude lipsticks then totally please just go for Revlon Smooth Nude. Its cheaper and creamier, feels much nicer on the lips. I'll still wear the revlon though, doesn't mean i won't =)




Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money. End of Story. =)

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posted by

wow!! thanks for this! I love dupe post! and yours are great! Is the smooth nude available here in Singapore? I didnt see it though :)

posted by

haha thanks girl =D sadly i don't think smooth nude is available in s'pore. i got mine off drugstore.com =)

posted by Sophie Perri

Oooh I like the revlon one actually! I agree...gotta love a dupe post! Sophie

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