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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When in Bangkok, shop at Boots

So when I reviewed my recent Bangkok trip in my head, I realised the only place that I always go to for beauty-related products whenever I’m in Bangkok is Boots. (Read More...)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Haul: Clarins Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel

(Read More...)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haul: Shiseido's Private Sale

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Returning with a skincare haul!

Hey everyone!

I'm finally back on the blog after being away for almost half a year! Gosh its been long. And the reason for not blogging for that long was because I decided to concentrate on my schooling, just giving it my all for the last leg of my education. (and I tend to get distracted with blogging from time to time, lalala) But all that is over now, and I've spent the last few days basking in my freedom. I've been shopping, buffet eating, went to USS for the first time ever with the boy, all that exciting stuff. And now I'm back to being in front of my computer doing what I love. Blog, I've missed you!

Amongst all my mugging, I still managed to keep my interest in beauty products aka shopping. I figured that since I was just gonna be home all day, it was a very good opportunity to try new skincare products. Because if I broke out from the new products, who's gonna see anyway. Funny the way my mind works. So i almost totally revamped my whole entire skincare routine, from cleanser to toner to serum, and I absolutely love my new skincare routine. I haven't got completely clear skin that I feel like I don't have to wear makeup at all yet, but its definitely helping me get my way there. 

One of the main important skincare item that I'm in love with now, is the Lancome Super Serums. For the few weeks that I was having my papers, I religiously used the samples that I got every night and my skin was always glowing every morning, no matter how much stress I was in and how I always break out whenever I'm stressed. (I'm surprised myself that my 7 day sample lasted me weeks) So immediately after my exams ended, I hightailed my way down to Robinsons @ Centerpoint and bought myself, this Super Serum set. Robinsons was having a 10% off all beauty products, and together with rebates, I think I only paid about $200~ for this set. Plus they were giving away this 9 piece freebie set if you spent more than $200.

All these goodies for only $200+! Original price for the set alone is $238. 

The set came with 30ml versions of Lancome's Visionnaire and their new Advanced Genifique, plus a Genifique mask and sample sizes of their Genifique Yeux Light Pearl for eyes and UV Expert.

I really liked both the Visionnaire and Genifique individually but I feel that they really work much better when used together. Thats why I got this set. If they didn't have the set, I would really just have gotten Visionnaire only as out of the 2, Visionnaire works much better for my skin. 

I should be posting up my whole new skincare routine soon, so keep a look out for that! Am also contemplating a move to a new domain and also maybe making some youtube videos, what do you guys think?

Anyway, excited to be back and blogging! And thank you to everyone who is still following my blog after it being empty for so long! I couldn't thank you guys enough, lots of love!


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Haul: Korres, Anna Sui, Lush + Aldo

On the day of Covelli's High Tea session, before we made it down, Michelle and I went shopping! There were too many sales going on around Orchard and we couldn't resist. 


First stop was Anna Sui. At that time, Anna Sui counter at Isetan Scotts were having a private sale where most of their products were going at really good prices. Ahh, and I bought an eyeshadow. *covers head in shame* I know that I don't NEED another eyeshadow. But with that price! And that color!

The eyeshadow was 50% off, so I only paid $17.50 for it. Plus, they had an offer if we spend above a certain amount, we'll get a lipstick and a nail polish. So I got a free lipstick! 

Anna Sui Eye Color in 101

The eyeshadow has this mother of pearl like packaging, really pretty!

Lip Rouge G in 602. It looks like a really bright orange, but actually applies really sheer. Feels kind of like a tinted lip balm.

One thing I like the most about Anna Sui products are the packaging! Isn't that pretty!


Next, I popped by LUSH to quickly pick up their Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo. I was researching online which shampoos were best for oily scalp and this was on the top of the list at one website I saw, with really good reviews from everyone. So I was really excited to try it as I seemed to have really funny scalp problems these few days. Some days my scalp would be really oily (like when I was researching for oily scalp), then some days it would feel really dry... Sighs. 

After using it once, I'm really impressed with how it works. I thought it would be like crumbly, and break up when it touches water. But it really works like a bar of soap. It lathers up really well, just one lather was enough for my whole head. 

Though I like how the solid shampoo feels, Jumping Juniper was a little too strong for my scalp. Maybe because my scalp was really that oily, so it really stripped my scalp of oils and made it feel a little dry. 

Now I'm itching to go back to lush to pick up another one of their solid shampoos. Maybe Reincarnate, or Soft, or maybe try to see if Soak and Float works when I feel like I have dry scalp. Hehehe.


Next, I heard from my friend, Charlene (http://sunbathing-muffins.onsugar.com/), that Korres were having a 40% off sale. And I really  wanted to pick up their blush in Natural, since Temptalia raved about it. I do already own one of Korres' blushes in Pink and I love it so I knew that I'll love the texture of the blush.

Korres Zea Mays Blush in 15 Natural

Its a really pretty neutral shade. Just perfect for my skin tone to give a nice radiance glow. Love it, can't wait to use it!


And lastly, while I was at Aldo with Michelle helping her pick out a pair of shoes. I ended up buying a pair as well.


I can't believe I found it in my size! I've been to almost 5 different Aldo stores and they all didn't have my size left for these wedges anymore. Because they've been around for awhile plus these were on sale. I was so happy when the lady said they still had it in 35! Last pair! These were originally $159, but were going on sale for $79.50, but I had an additional 10% off because they had an offer if you buy 2 sale items, you get an additional 10% off. So I had a really really great deal for these. And they are so pretty. I can't wait to wear them out, I don't even care if they are super high. 

</p> </p>


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Haul: When your friends are shopaholics like you...

Awhile back, myself and a few blogger friends went kinda crazy shopping at Bath and Body Works, Sephora & Sigma online. And I ended up with this huge haul. Huge in my point of view because when am I ever going to finish using up all that lotion! But its ok, 'cause they all smell fantastic!

The bulk of my purchases were these Bath and Body Works lotions. Since we don't have BNBW stores here in Singapore, it was so hard for me to pick a scent I like based on just their descriptions because they all sound like they would smell amazing! Which was why I ended up with all these lotions. But they are the mini sized ones, so I guess thats better?

The mini lotion bottles came with this cap and it was a little flimsy so there was a mess when one of the bottles leaked. But apart from that, the lotions are very moisturising, they all smell amazing. Really enjoy using them all. Think my favourite scent of them all is Carried Away.

I ended up getting these Handibac anti-bacterial hand lotions instead of the hand sanitizers that we all wanted because the hand sanitizers contained alcohol and could not be shipped. But it was alright because I LOVE these 2 lotions. Think fresh market apple is my favourite scent from BNBW. Ok, its definitely in my top 3 favourites. The handibac lotions contains these tiny blue beads that will burst when you apply it, I assume thats the anti-bacterial part of the lotions? If you get a chance to try fresh market apple? Try it, try sniffing it. Haha! That sounds weird, but really, I can't get enough of that scent. It literally smells like freshly cut apples. Yum.

Last item from my BNBW haul, Peach Citrus Body Scrub. Peach citrus may be another favourite scent of mine. I realise that I much prefer fruity scents, ahhh. This smells full out like a freshly opened can of peaches. Really delicious. My only gripe is that the scent doesn't last at all after using it. I'm seriously thinking about getting the lotion in this scent to substitute it now.

It was Sephora's annial 20% off sale and we couldn't resist not getting anything.

(L-R) Shade 01, Shade 17

The 2 Makeup Forever Aqua Creams were part of a set of 10 which I shared with my friends and got these 2 shades for myself. Think we saved quite abit by getting the huge set to share, plus there was the 20% off.

And these are my very first MUFE Aqua Creams. Have always heard so many good things about them, even from my blogger friends, that I knew I had to try these out.

The Aqua Creams are really creamy and very pigmented. Only thing is that is dries super fast and won't budge after that, so you have to work with it quickly. But really after that, IT. WILL. NOT. BUDGE. Amazing. I would get more shades to play with just that I hardly use cream shadows. Alright, maybe just a neutral shade?

The Laura Mercier Mini Kohl Eye Pencils Set consists of 5 mini kohl pencils. They are 0.03 oz each compared to the normal full size of 0.04oz of the Kohl eye pencils. Which is a really good deal if you just want to try out all the different shades. The set came with 5 shades:

The shades are gorgeous! Love love love all the colours. Especially black turquoise (the middle shade)

However, the pencils tend to smudge on me after awhile (might be because I have really oily lids, since it seems to work well for my sister), so I have to use another eyeliner as a base before topping it off with these. Mostly I use UD Zero as a base. Its an extra step that I don't mind, so its fine for me.

Lastly are some makeup brushes from Sigma. These brushes are part of their Sigmax line and they all have synthetic bristles which I love to use for cream products.

Sigma seemed to have changed the look of their brush handles. Gone were the matte handles and replacing them are the new shiny ones with halographic wordings. Simply put, I don't like the new ones. I feel it makes the brushes look cheap. And I prefer the feel of the matte handles. (*Sigma! Bring the matte brush handles back!*)

F84 - Angled Top Kabuki

I've used this brush for my liquid foundation as well as my Chanel Bronze Universal. Love it for both purposes. Its very dense and soft, which is good for blending.

F82 - Round Top Kabuki

Sadly, I have yet to try this brush out. Because I've been favouring Real Techniques buffing brush (which is AMAZING) but I will soon. Like the F84, its also very dense and soft, perfect for blending. Thinking of using this for blending my liquid foundation, hmm.

P86 - Precision Tapered

The P86 is my favourite brush out of the 3. It is used for a different purpose though, so I can't really compare. This brush is an eye brush so is much smaller as compared to the previous 2 brushes. But still is a little larger than the normal eye brush. I think its the perfect size for nose contouring, concealer, a little highlighting and stuff. But I use it for cream eyeshadows! Never has applying cream eyeshadows been so easy. Because it is pointed, its easier to reach the inner corner of the eye without applying more than you wish to. It has synthetic bristles so its good to use for cream products. By far my favourite brush to use for cream products.

Would definitely recommend Sigma's Sigmax line of brushes if you're looking for good quality brushes at a cheaper price.


That's all for my haul today, thanks for reading! :)



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying my hand at depotting?


Haven't been able to blog for the longest time because of school. But exams are getting nearer which would probably mean I won't be able to blog even more. So I'm trying out a new way of blogging. Blogging through my phone. If I'm able to do it (churning out posts through my phone) I would definitely be able to post more often. Blogging through my phone is infinitely easier than if I have to blog from my computer 'cause most days I don't even on my computer now. Too much distraction. Haha. So we'll see how this goes. And I'm still trying to figure out how do I upload photos from my phone to the onsugar blog. Is it not possible? If anyone knows, please help me. I've searched through the onsugar FAQ but came up with nothing, except telling me to post through email, which is what I'm trying now, but there can only be one photo attached per email, annoying D:

EDIT: Blogging through email from my phone=FAIL :( the words I've added after the embedded photo just won't appear and I'm now editing the post from my computer. Sighs. If only onsugar would create an iphone app (hint hint)

Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about.

Firstly, Happy (belated) Chinese New Year to everyone! I had a great time hanging out with my relatives and friends and what not. Of course it included lots of eating. I feel like a whale now. No more junk food for at least 3 months!

Recently, I started feeling like I wanted to depot all my Mac eyeshadows and blushes. So while I was in town with my friends yesterday, I came home with these!


1 empty 15 eyeshadow palette. And 1 empty blush palette. They are both S$25 each. And are only available at the MAC standalone store at Ngee Ann City I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And now I can't wait to start my depotting. If I manage to figure out how to upload photos through my phone, then I'll definitely show you how I'm going to be depotting my Mac eyeshadows and blushes. If not...well I'm think of a way :)

Thanks to all my new and existing subscribers for following me! Even with my long standing hiatus. Eek. I know. Please bear with me :)

Lots of love!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haul: When I just feel like pampering myself with a few items...

Well, that's not a lot of items is it? Hehehe. Ok ok, a haul is a haul. But I like to think of it as purchasing a few necessities and items I would love to try. Rewarding myself? Blah hahaha.


First of, some base products,

MAC Face and Body Foundation in N3

I bought this off Joanna (missjology.onsugar.com) as it was a tad dark for her. But its the perfect shade for me! (For reference, I'm a NC25/30) The bottle comes with a nozzle so there's none of that mess when you're trying to get your foundation out (which tends to happen with me). I thought this foundation would be nice to use during days when I just want a light application of makeup, like school days for example, because I don't like to wear heavy makeup to school. I haven't used this enough times to comment on oil control, and what not, but I do quite enjoy using this.


NARS Loose Powder in Eden

Purchased this during one of NARS' 20% off, since I've been wanting to try this powder with my NARS Sheer Glow. I got the shade in Eden as it seems like the more yellow-toned one and the color works really well for my skin (it blends into my skin so its as good as a transparent powder, that means good color choice right? :)) And for reference, I'm using NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab, I should really think about putting my foundation shades in the side bar, eek.

Love how finely milled this powder is. But I can't comment on oil control yet because I've only used it once with my Sheer Glow and once with a BB cream. Maybe because I'm used to using my Sheer Glow with my Elizabeth Arden mineral powder, which provides a slight coverage, I was a little not that comfortable just using the loose powder on its own with my Sheer Glow. But I'll try it again when I'm on my better skin day and see how it goes for oil control. As for using it with the BB cream, bad choice. I was having a rather bad skin day, and the coverage from the BB cream wasn't enough, needless to say this loose powder. So I better not base my review of the loose powder on that experience.

I just need to start looking as this as a loose powder and stop expecting it to provide some more coverage and just as a setting powder. I think I've just been having the wrong expectations for it.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Tipsy

I was hovering between Tipsy or Blissful and I think if I remember correctly, Blissful was OOS, so I ended up getting Tipsy. Gorgeous blush, so pigmented.


NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

My sis has been eyeing this shade since we swatched it in Bangkok. Its a soft rose shade. Really pretty. And I really like to slim packaging of the NARS Pure Matte lipsticks. They're the same size as MAC Slimshines just having a matte finish (packaging wise)


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow in 4 Pulp Fiction

Isn't that close up shot amazing? This eyeshadow is soooo gorgeous! Looks equally amazing on the lids, stays put the whole day (I did use TFSI) I'm already thinking of getting a few more shades. Maybe Purpura? And a neutral shade.

(I applied this shadow with a normal flat shader brush.)


And lastly, False Lashes!

Which I bought from Michelle (http://icefrost.onsugar.com/), she's been doing sprees for these Taiwan Lashes. And I didn't mind trying a few as they look comfy, soft, and I like the clear lash bands! Looks much more natural :) Haven't had a chance to wear these out yet, but I will soon! (I will master wearing falsies!! Haha)



Thats all for this haul. So far. I don't even want to know how much I've spend this month. (Items on its way to me) Hahaha, you'll see soon enough, I heard some of them is reaching Singapore soon. And one is a brand that I've never tried before but been wanting to for very long. Excited! :D



Till next time!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Haul: The hunt for a brown eyeliner

A few days ago, I was down in town shopping with my sister. And just that morning, I was playing around with my makeup when I realised that I only had 1 brown eyeliner pencil that I use. That wasn't right. For a colour that I use all the time (more than black), how could I have only one. (The 'one' was Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Eyeliner :)) So I was determined to find some alternative brown eyeliners I could use.

And that day, I came home with 2 eyeliners! (Although one of them is probably not really a brown :/)

My very first Chanel eyeliner and the MAC liner that I've heard loads of things about.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 84 Taupe. If I remember correctly, the Chanel BA told me this shade was a limited/new shade from a new collection (Asia Exclusive?) Yaaa, I'm not very familiar with Chanel collections. Or at the moment, I rather not be haha, what with all the lemmings that would come with it. I bought that at Chanel's new ION store. It was a mixture of gorgeous-new-unused-testers + shiny-new-chanel-store + ooohhh-pretty-shade + surprisingly-very-friendly-and-nice-chanel-BA that made me purchase it. I probably thought about it for less than 5 mins, gosh haha. But if it turns out that I like how this wears, I might be getting a few more? (I'm eyeing Espresso :P)

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. is this gorgeous bronze shade. I've always wanted to pick this up after hearing about it from Tanya (pixi2woo) on youtube. No regrets getting this eyeliner at all.

(Left) Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 84 Taupe

(Right) MAC Teddy Eye Kohl


Next item I feel like getting: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation?



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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Haul: Brushes! Palettes! + 1 blush

My (sorta) last huge haul before my semi-ban-from-buying-anything. Semi because well, room for error...haha! These were all purchases I made before/during my exam period. Alot? Eek. But now I'm saving up money to buy *secret :)*, its pretty expensive and the rate I'm spending money instead of saving it, it'll take me about half a year before I have that kind of money saved up. So really, ban, no more buying. I mean it.


Firstly, Wet n Wild's 8 pan palettes! I've been lemming for them ever since swatches of them first surfaced on the internet. But they were so hard to find! Because most places don't stock them. Luckily I managed to snag all 3 shades when Michelle brought them in to sell as instocks. Most of the shadows have a really creamy soft texture which I love. And all the shades are gorgeous! I will have swatches of them up very soon :)

Illamasqua blush in Lover, described on the website as "Soft apricot, matt finish". My very first Illamasqua product! Ok, I'll admit, I got this just because I wanted to own an Illamasqua product haha. So I thought I'll get this shade 'cause I don't own a matte peachy blush. (I mostly have pinks, weird, 'cause I prefer peaches for my skintone :/ ). And this shade is so pretty! My favourite way of wearing it now is using Benefit's sugarbomb on my cheeks then this on the apples of my cheeks.

Sleek Palette in Original. I only owned the Storm palette, so this is my second one. I just like the colours in this one. Have always wanted to get it, and I finally have. I may do swatches for this too, together with my storm palette.

Elf brushes! I love buying brushes in general (thats why there's loads of brushes in this haul mwahaha) and these 5 are from ELF's Studio Collection (eyeslipsface.com)

(Left to Right)
- Blush Brush
- Small Smudge Brush
- Small Precision Brush
- Small Angled Brush
- Angled Contour Brush

If I'm not wrong, the Angled Contour Brush is new? I haven't been to ELF's website in awhile, so I was quite surprised to see this new brush, so yup, had to buy it to try, it has a really interesting shape too, will have to see how well it blends. And I really love small brushes. The ones I got from etude house has been amazing, so no harm in getting a few more tiny brushes right.

And of course, what I was most excited to try out, Real Techniques by Samatha Chapman brushes! I bought 2 sets: Core Collection, Travel Essentials, and 2 individual brushes: Blush Brush, Foundation Brush. Why I was most excited to see how these look like was because these brushes are designed by one of my favourite youtube makeup gurus: PIXIWOO. The brushes all have synthethic bristles, meaning they can be used for both creams and powders. So far, they are all really soft to touch, but I won't know how they good they really are till I've washed and tried them out, so we'll see. I'll do a more in dept post about them after I've tried them out.